Project Summary

LED encourages the use of innovative technologies and systems in order to promote, preserve and protect resource efficiency, in accordance with EU, national, regional and local policies and initiatives.The objective of the LED Project is to provide an integrated solution, at cross-border level, to the challenge of no progress in the fields of energy efficiency of public buildings and the use of RES, in line with the relevant EU policies and national legislation.

The specific objectives of the activities foreseen by LED are:

• Informing and educating students and citizens of the Cross-border Region in the importance of energy efficiency and the use of RES

• Culture shaping, in practices of energy efficiency and the use of RES, to the wider sections of the population

• Reduction of final energy consumption of buildings in the Cross-border Region

• Strengthening local energy efficiency management efforts by providing the responsible authorities with tools to create a strategic framework for establishing energy efficiency in public buildings

• Setting up a cross-border network ensuring coherence and coordination of the Project results and outputs

• Networking with existing networks for research and implementation of energy saving practices and policies

• An improved understanding of the cross-border threat of climate change, especially regarding energy

• Development of a joint model for establishing methods and fostering actions in order to reduce overall energy consumption, to increase the use of RES and improve energy efficiency in public school buildings.

The Project is focused on a cross border cooperation towards energy efficiency, through small scale investments in energy efficiency and use of RES in public school buildings, the implementation of pilot actions for energy saving in public buildings, including the use of smart ICT tools and ultimately through joint public awareness initiatives, perfectly in line with objective of Programe.


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